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Our Web Design Process

What’s Your Web Design Process Like?

As a full service web design firm, we believe in making the entire web design process as simple as possible for our clients.  No two web design projects are ever the same, and we believe in taking a unique, personalized approach to address each of our client’s needs.  With that said, we do have a standard process we follow during each web design process to keep things as simple and efficient as possible.


We start out every website design project with a consultation call. This allows us to learn more about your business, your current website if you have one, and understand exactly what you’re looking for in your website. This call typically takes 20-30 minutes, and is also an excellent opportunity for you to ask any questions about your new website or our design process.

Proposal & Plan Of Action

Once we understand exactly what your needs are, we can formulate a custom pricing proposal and plan of action for building your new website. At this time we’ll include a detailed proposal as well as pricing breakdown and our final price for the entire project. This typically takes us 1-2 business days to complete after the initial consultation call.

Sign Up Process

We have a painless sign up process — you simply fill out a brief 60 second form on our website with some basic information and you’re registered! From here we ask that you fill out one additional more in-depth form which asks additional questions about your business to make sure we fully understand your website needs and business. This form takes no more than 5 minutes to complete, and upon completion we review your information and get started with preparing for the web design project.

Preliminary Design & Content

Once you’re signed up, we’ll review your sign up details and start to formulate a plan to build or redesign your website. During this time we’ll send over a few layout options, ask you about your color preferences, and see if you have any custom requests for your website. At this point you’ll have the opportunity to address and provide any special requests you have — from the color of the site to minute details such as font styles. During this time we also will need to decide if you’re going to provide us with the website content or if our team will be preparing the website content. You can also provide us with any pictures or request that we utilize stock pictures on the site. Once we get all this information we’ll work with our designers to start coding and building your website.

Website Coding & Programming

As soon as we have all your details we can now begin the time consuming process of putting the puzzle together and taking all the information we’ve gathered and coding it into a website. We’ll keep all your special requests in mind and make sure we end up building a website that looks great but more importantly converts well for you. We believe in making your website your company’s best sales person, so we always keep conversions and marketing in mind when we build our websites.

Presentation & Final Adjustments

At this point we have the website built and can present it to you. Should you have any last minute small requests or small changes we can go ahead and make them at this point in time. We’ll then launch the website and it’s time for your customers to start flocking to your newly designed site!

The entire process from start to finish can take as little as 5 business days or as long as 45 business days, depending on how complex the website is and how long it takes you and your team to gather preliminary information. A basic business website generally takes 5-10 business days, while a complex, interactive site with multiple custom applications and programs takes 30-45 business days.

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