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Our SEO Process

What’s Your SEO Process Like?

We follow the same process for every client — whether your budget is $500 per month or $10,000 per month — as we truly believe in delivering a high quality experience to all our clients. As a full service SEO company, we take care of every step of your SEO campaign, from start to finish, and you’ll have the same point of contact from the day you request a consultation to the day your website is ranking #1.


We start out with a consultation call, which is our “kick off call” where we get to know one another a bit more and learn more about your business. This call gives us the information we need to do some more research into your business and competitors to give you our package recommendation and keyword recommendation. During the consultation call you’ll also have the chance to ask any and all questions you might have about our company, SEO, and online marketing. Generally our consultation calls take between 10 and 20 minutes, but if you have additional questions or concerns we’re more than happy to spend more time with you to answer each and every question.

Preliminary Research & Quote

After the consultation call, we do a bit of preliminary research into your website and niche to get an idea of what keywords would be best for you as well as how much competition is out there. We have various tools and software that we utilize during this phase of the campaign to make sure we leave no stone unturned. We’re then able to formulate our recommendation for your SEO package, pricing, time frame, and keywords. This typically takes us 1 business day to complete after the initial consultation call at which point we schedule another brief call with you to discuss our findings.

Sign Up Process

We have a painless sign up process — you simply fill out a brief 60 second form on our website with some basic information and you’re registered! From here we ask that you fill out one additional more in-depth form which asks additional questions about your business to make sure we fully understand your business model and niche. This form takes no more than 5 minutes to complete, and upon completion we review your information and get your account setup within 1 business day.

In Depth Research & Analysis

We did a pretty good job with our initial research, but now that you’re signed up we take one more look at your industry and niche to see if there’s any other keywords out there we might want to go after. This additional keyword research allows us to make sure we have the best keyword selection possible, which is something most other SEO companies just breeze over. Your keywords are everything in SEO and we want to make sure we have the perfect combination of keywords for your business.

The Campaign Begins

We now have our keywords in place and have given you access to our client portal, where you can track notes from your account manager and view our RankTracker tool which shows the exact results of the campaign on a day by day basis. This tool is extremely useful in analyzing the results and understanding where your keywords are currently ranking. We then begin to on-site optimization work, which includes reviewing over 100 different elements on the website to make sure everything is in tip top shape. We make minor coding adjustments behind the scenes to incorporate your keywords and make sure everything is properly coded. Then the off-site optimization begins, at which point we begin building a unique blend of links pointing at your website. Each one of these links is viewed by search engines as a “vote” for your website, and as you accumulate more high quality votes, your website rankings improve.

Analysis & Adjustments

Many SEO companies focus heavily on getting you signed up, which is why they lock you into a 1 year contract, and then they disappear and leave the campaign alone. We’re not like that, and to prove it we have no contracts. Everything we do is on a month by month basis because it shows our high level of dedication to retaining each and every single client. We work hard every month to analyze the work we’ve done, see what type of results you’re experiencing, and make adjustments as needed to deliver the most efficient and effective campaign possible.

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