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Kapture Photography Website Design & Development

Kapture, Inc. is a New Jersey based photography, videography, photobooth, and flipbook service provider catering to weddings and corporate events.

Background Information:

The Marketing Masters and our designers came in to design a new website for Kapture, Inc. during a company rebranding. The company was merging from having multiple companies, multiple websites, and multiple identities into one unified new brand called Kapture.  Our client was unsure of the navigational structure or layout needed for the new site, so we assisted from the beginning in helping them determine what the site should consist of and what the structure should be.

The Solution & Project:

We designed a full-width, custom WordPress website with full portfolios and image galleries to display their work. In addition to this, we designed a full mobile site along with a mobile-friendly image upload area which allows Kapture’s team to upload photos in real-time and allow their clients to view their photos from their mobile devices minutes after they were taken. This new technology has assisted Kapture in promoting their website through social media and has given a fantastic new value proposition to their clients.

The Outcome:

Josh Behr, owner of Kapture, Inc, was extremely pleased with our services and provided us with a wonderful testimonial upon completion of his project:

I can’t thank Simple SEO group enough for their help in building my website. I had no vision on what I wanted but they built the perfect website. Also the turn a around on the website from start to finish was unbelievable. I will definitely recommend their services to everyone!

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