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Internet Marketing For Small Business

Online marketing can be downright confusing for business owners. From social media to SEO to blogging to PPC to email marketing — we understand that you don’t know the time or expertise to properly handle your online marketing campaigns. And as a small business we understand that you don’t have the luxury of an enormous budget to throw around either.

As a company that was founded by a small business owner who was unable to find quality marketing, The Marketing Masters  not only understands internet marketing for small business, but we actually understand small business. Other online marketing companies are trying to catch the big fish –- Fortune 500 and Inc 5000 companies — but The Marketing Masters focuses on providing online marketing for small to medium sized businesses.

Types Of Online Marketing For Small Businesses

There’s various types of online marketing available for your business, and we don’t recommend that every business engage in all of these types of marketing. Some businesses do much better with SEO than email marketing, others do better with social media than PPC. The best way to find out which one will fit your business and your budget the best is to request a risk free consultation so we can analyze your niche, business, and market to determine the best plan of action.


Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are often the most cost effective ways to small businesses to improve their online visibility. By ranking your site on the first page of search results, you’re tapping into thousands of people looking for exactly what you offer. SEO is a medium to long term marketing strategy.


Pay per click (PPC) marketing consists of purchasing ad slots on search engines, social media sites, and/or 3rd party websites to gain instant traffic. You’ll take advantage of the same keywords you could rank for with SEO, but now you’re paying more by paying for each and every click. PPC marketing is a short term marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

A great website only converts about 5% of it’s visitors into customers, the rest simply disappear forever and never return, unless you capture their emails and stay in touch with them. Email marketing and newsletters is a great way to improve conversions and keep in touch with all of your current customers for repeat business.

Web Design

A properly designed website is step 1 in online marketing. If you have an old website or one that isn’t professionally built, you’re giving off a very poor online image of your company. No matter how big or small your business is, your first impression many customers have of you is your website, so make sure it’s giving off the right signs.

Social Media

Keeping in touch with current customers and gaining new ones through social media is important for many businesses, and as your business continues to grow it becomes increasingly important to have a strong presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites — best of all these campaigns are completely scaleable.


Whether you need some tips and pointers for your in house marketing team or a full blown marketing analysis and overhaul, we have the experience and knowledge to help your company properly market itself both online and offline. Our strategies have been proven to improve your bottom line and deliver tangible results.

No matter what type of marketing you’re business is looking for and no matter how large or small your budget, we have a team in place to handle every aspect of the marketing campaign — from start to finish — and make sure you see a great ROI on your marketing campaign.

Internet Marketing Processes, Benefits, & Results

When it comes to online marketing, there’s no standard ROI that can be applied to any specific business or any specific type of marketing. Each project and type of marketing is going to have unique results and a unique ROI based on your niche, company history, budget, and time frame.

We can say that we have a nearly 100% client retention ratio, and we’ve ranked 100% of our SEO clients on page 1 of search results, improved 100% of our web design client’s websites to improve conversions and their online presence, and have never taken on a campaign that hasn’t yielded the results we anticipated. It’s extremely important to find an internet marketing firm with an established track record of helping their clients see an ROI from their campaign, because unfortunately there’s a lot of companies out there who are only interested in collecting your money each month.

In general, we recommend taking a long term approach to internet marketing, which means utilizing search engine optimization as a cornerstone of your marketing campaign. SEO typically provides the best ROI — in some cases higher than 500% — and although it is a medium to long term strategy, the results of SEO can often start to be felt in as little as a few months.

In addition to search engine optimization work, we always recommend a full website analysis before we get started marketing your business online. There’s no point in marketing an outdated, poorly designed, unprofessional website because it simply won’t convert well. It’s the equivalent of recording a poor quality TV commercial and thinking the solution to making it work is buying more and more ad space. In many cases we begin online marketing campaigns with redesigning our client’s website to fit into today’s standards and give them a great first impression.

The benefits and results of online marketing are often tremendous, and are easily measurable using our website analytics and simply by seeing an improvement in your company’s revenue. Over the years we’ve generated tens of thousands of new leads and customers for our clients and have driven them millions of new website visitors. The best way to learn more about the process, benefits, and results of online marketing is to schedule a free consultation so we can look a little deeper into your website, niche, and marketing opportunities available to you and formulate an accurate proposal and plan of action.

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