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Cup Of Cake Chicago Bakery Website Design

Cup Of Cake is a new, gourmet cake and cupcake shop in the Chicago area. As a new business, Cup Of Cake did not have a website for their first several months of operations, and their customers were left using websites such as Yelp, Google Places, and other generic websites to find information about the business.

The Marketing Masters and our designers came in to design a custom themed website for Cup Of Cake. With little needs for any additional features, Cup Of Cake was focused primarily on having a clean, elegant, and clean website design that would invite customers to their bakery to try their baked goods. The Marketing Masters utilized a custom background to make the pages properly themed as well as a simple navigation menu nestled into the page. In addition to this we utilized eye catching graphics of baked goods throughout the site to entice visitors to come in and try their products. Our number one goal with Cup Of Cake was to design a custom, niche related website and exceed our clients expectations– and yet again our team pulled through to achieve our goal on time and on budget.

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