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Arnold Farms Garden Center Website Design

Arnold Farms offers high end outdoor furniture, garden supplies, flowers, trees, and various services in the Maryland area. Their old website was improperly coded, had broken links, and looked like a “fresh out of the box” website. This was causing problems with every aspect of their online business presence.

The Marketing Masters and our designers came in to modify the website theme, template, and files to give Arnold Farms a fresh new look. The new website has a clean, stylish layout that fits the business perfectly. It also incorporates an easier navigation menu, containing drop downs for their gardening products, furniture products, and various services. We integrated their social media pages and introduced special offers on the website to entice the visitors to follow them on their various social media sites. Overall Arnold Farms has a tremendous looking new website and we have a great new client who, of course, is more than thrilled with the new site and equally happy that we finished the project on time and on budget.

Upon completion of the web design project, Arnold Farms contracted us to handle their online marketing & search engine optimization (SEO) to improve their local web presence.

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