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About Us

Company Background

The Marketing Masters was founded in 2008 in Chicago, Illinois to provide cost-effective, result driven online marketing and web development services to small and medium sized businesses around the world. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses both large and small with improving their online presence and growing their business online.Our mission at The Marketing Masters it to provide efficient, cost-effective, result-driven services to connect your small business’ website to a world of customers and exceed your every expectation.about_us_our_mission


What We Do

Our main purpose is to act as the marketing arm of your own company, handling everything from web design and development to search engine marketing to graphic design and everything in between. We achieve this by having a high level of experience and expertise in carefully crafting highly effective marketing campaigns that leverage each individual element of marketing to form a coherent and cohesive campaign.
We’re a result driven company, which means we don’t rest until we see the results we’re striving for. We boast a 95% client retention rate, and use the latest and greatest technology and methodology to achieve success for our clients.

How We Do It

We have years of online marketing experience and have successfully helped businesses in a wide variety of markets with improving their online presence and increasing sales.

Through our knowledge and experience, we’ll work closely with you to craft an online marketing campaign that will help further establish your brand and drive more targeted traffic to your website.